Emerald Grande Owners
Bedrooms: Fractional:
Start Date: February 16, 2018       End Date: February 23, 2018
Unit: E505B

We are looking to swap our condo E505B Dates are Feb.16-23, 2018 would like to swap for March 9-16 or March 16-23. Would love the same unit E505B, but open to similar 3 bdrm water side. Please let me know ASAP, Thanks Carla

This page is to be used as a communication portal for owners offering units to swap with other owners.

Swaps of fractional units require a three part process.

  1. Offer
  2. Acceptance
  3. Approval

1. Offer
Any owner of a fractional may OFFER to swap with another owner of a fractional. The offering owner will place the information on this page for other owners to see and potentially ACCEPT.

a. Click "Add or Remove a Post"
b. Enter the "Check in Date" and "Number of Nights" for swap
c. Enter YOUR email address
c. Add information about your unit, photos and any other information you think will help a successful swap.

2. Acceptance
Any owner of a fractional may ACCEPT a swap with another owner of a fractional. The ACCEPTING owner will contact the OFFERING owner by emailing or calling them to announce their intention. BOTH THE OFFERING AND ACCEPTING OWNER MUST SIGN THE "OWNER SWAP FORM".

3. Approval
An Emerald Grande Hospitality Manager will approve the "Swap Form" and email both owners the completed form. The swap is not completed until this step is signed by all parties.