Destin Fishing Season

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Destin Fishing Season

For a quick guide to the state regulations on fishing limits, fish sizes and fishing season.

Quick Guide Destin Fishing Season and Calendar.

Red Snapper Pinkish in color, found offshore bottom fishing, can weigh up to 20 lbs. Call Booth
Grouper Offshore species, live on rocky bottom, commonly weigh up to and exceeding 100 lbs. Closed Feb & March
Amberjack Offshore bottom fish found on wrecks and rocky reefs, commonly weigh up to 40 lbs. – Florida record is 142 lbs. closes June 1st to July 31st
Red Fish Copperish in color with one or more spots at base of tail, inshore migrating from estuaries, record is 51 lbs. although usually weigh around 8 lbs. All year
Triggerfish Reef dwelling bottom fish. Call booth
Cobia Early season sport fishing at its finest, long gray and white lateral stripes with broad head, migrates inshore. Mid March-May
King Mackerel Schooling migratory fish, commonly weigh up to 20 lbs., record is 90 lbs. May-Oct.
Spanish Mackerel Smaller than king mackerel, found in schools inshore and offshore, over deep grass beds. Mid April-Sept.
Shark Several species in- and offshore including hammerhead, blacktip, and mako. All year
Trout Dark gray or green with black spots, found in estuaries, record is 15 lbs. 6 ozs. March-Nov.
Sailfish Deep dark blue sport fish, found near 100-fathom line, record is 116 lbs. June-Oct.
Marlin Large game fish, awesome sight to see, up to 8 feet long. Florida record for Blue Marlin is 980 lbs., White Marlin record is 161 lbs. June-Oct.
Wahoo Largest of mackerel family, fastest fish in the sea, offshore game fish. June-Oct.
Tuna Large schooling fish found offshore. June-Oct.

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